A Kingsize Honeymooner's Delight!

A Kingsize Honeymooner's Delight!

You've heard the expression "Virginia Is For Lovers." Well I guess we could say "Alaska Is For Honeymooners." Julie Henderson (at left) decided to use Alaska's Kenai Peninsula as the backdrop for her and her new hubby's outdoors-oriented honeymoon this summer. Both enjoy fishing and their choice of trips on this day was an enjoyable July day in a drift boat on the Kasilof River during the second King salmon run when some real brutes are occasionally taken.

When fishing from drift boats (no motor) you don't have the fast response and maneuverability that is afforded the power boat big fish over 50 pounds can prove to be a real challenge for the angler as well as the guide who is rowing and handling the boat. This particular fish turned out to be at the top of the scale for an unusually large Kasilof River July king and it pegged the scale at 60 lbs. and was Val's biggest Kasilof king for a client on the Kasilof River in the past 17 years. It also gave them a run for their money when a powerful run and surge broke the rod....we'll leave the rest of the story to your own imagination! :-)


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