A Double-Header King Salmon Hot Shot!

A Double-Header Hot Shot!

With the number of anglers fishing the Kenai River each season and the number of kings that ultimately enter the river, most anglers are thrilled if they land a bragging size fish or even better a real HOG out of a couple days of effort. But there always seems to be someone in the boat that has the magic...or holds their pole just right and hits the jackpot on each day on the river.

Darren Maples was just one of several in his group who booked for two consecutive days on the Kenai during the July king salmon run. And as anyone can see, he definitely had the hot rod on this visit to Alaska. The big Hog tipped the scales at an impressive 60 pounds. The following day while fishing with Val down at the low end of the river for fresh incoming fish on the tide he connected with this chrome-bright 37 pounder to round out his season limit of two Kenai kings, either a trophy in its own right.


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