Punching Out Early!

Punching Out Early!

The number of fishing lines a boat has in the water has a direct relationship on the chances of getting a hookup. When all anglers in the boat are fishing you end up covering more water with more lures for the fish to see. And as you suspect, as each angler in the boat lands a fish, the odds change a bit for the rest as there is one less rod fishing now. So naturally the objective is to capitalize on every opportunity when a bite turns on and fish as hard as possible while the fish are in a striking mood. These bites can turn on and off as quick as a light switch, and may last from a few minutes in one hole that produces a couple fish to other times when a whole section of river is hot and hookups may occur during an hour or two window before cooling off.

The Douglas Hanson "Rookie" party was on the river on one of those days when the bite just didn't want to quite. Gary was the guide this day and everyone bagged a nice king between 40 and 44 lbs. early in the morning and were back at the dock taking pictures long before most anglers on the river headed back.


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