Chrome Bright Steelhead

Two-fisted Chromers!

Top Left - George Mathiason and his son Mike show off two braces of hatchery steelies.

Bottom Left - Charlie & Jean Clinkenbeard fished for 3 days of wonderful weather and great fishing in February with friends, Leon & Donna Nelson. Charlie topped off his days of fishing with Gary by hoisting this big 16 pound buck steelhead. You can see he's not too excited ... his biggest complaint was that he was tired... tired of landing fish and tired of holding this one for a photo.

Right photo - Sassi Fisher - February 1, 2002 - Sassi Fisher brought in February in style. She and her husband Richard had a great day with Gary while the rest of the crew fished with Val. While the river was iffy to begin the day it quickly started kicking out some great steelies and by the end of the day each boat had a big, wild steelhead release story in addition to the ones that were kept. Linda, fishing with Val, had her 15 pound buck wrapped tight in a willow tree that was close to shore but still surrounded by high water. Miraculously it got untangled and she landed the brute! What a fish story.


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