Spring Halibut in the Shallows!

Spring Halibut in the Shallows!

Late Spring and early Summer is the time when Cook Inlet halibut move into near-shore waters to feed on the abundant herring and hooligan migrating along the beaches on their way to their own spawning grounds. This provides a great opportunity to go out in Drift Boats to fish for halibut. Its a unique experience that is a lot of fun and plenty of challenge when the big ones are on the bite.

On the left is Craig with his drift boat hoisting a 60 pound halibut one of his clients took that day down at Deep Creek near Ninilchik. The group at the right also participated in one of our "early" fishing May halibut drift boat trips. The group did pretty well with a limit of fish running from 20 to 75 pounds and a king salmon landed for good measure.


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