Gimme Brute Strength!

Gimme Brute Strength!

Alaska provides some great fishing stories every year. And even if you just catch an average size king, if its your biggest fish of your life you definitely have something to tell around future campfires.

Sometimes when you hook into a real "hog" the chase and fight can go smoothly with no complications and landing the fish is just a matter of being the "better man." But there are always those times when a trophy fish has an exceptional tenacity to survive and will engage in a battle that can tire even the most fit angler on the river....and challenge all the skills and expertise of the guide in handling the boat in very difficult conditions.

Chris Hansen was fishing with Val down in the tidal stretch of the river when he tied into this 60 pound brute above Eagle of the most popular and congested sections of the river. The "battle" seemed to go on forever and as the minutes ticked off the fish literally gave them a run for their money as it required being chased/followed downstream through dozens and dozens of boats, finally to be landed below Beaver Creek some 40 minutes later. Now you know why this angler needed the assistance of Val to heft this wallhanger.


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