Who Said It Can't Be Done?

Who Said It Can't Be Done?

Just about every angler worth their salt has at least seen or heard of drift boat fishing trips for salmon, steelhead and trout on rivers and streams throughout the world. But have you ever heard of a DRIFT BOAT trip on saltwater in pursuit of halibut?

Gary and Val's operation was one of the first to begin taking clients out on Cook Inlet in their oar-powered drift boats for halibut fishing. And the experience has caught on with other guides engaging in this unique opportunity to fish Alaska's productive marine waters only minutes from your lodging.

Jim Platz proves he was up to the task by showing off this nice rack of halibut taken on a Drift Boat halibut trip in May. But for those anglers who are seeking a more "conventional" halibut trip, Early Fishing offers charters on power boats equipt with comfortable cabins out of Deep Creek or the Homer area.


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