Silver Salmon

Late Summer Recreation - Working the Silver Mine

Late summer and early fall on the Kenai River is an entirely separate experience compared to the hustle and bustle of mid summer when sockeye and king salmon anglers are everywhere. The weather is cooling a bit, the crowds are dissipating and the river is a quiet jewel with new fisheries to partake in. And there is nothing more enjoyable than spending a day fishing for and fighting scrappy silver salmon that run during August and September. Kenai River silvers can get pretty hefty with lots of fish taken in the mid-teens and there are always some anglers which end up bagging a genuine trophy which can hit the 20 pound mark, especially in September when the largest fish are often taken.

Now is the time to enjoy sitting back and taking in Mother Nature and reflecting on the beauty of Alaska while waiting on that next takedown on your rod. Fall is great rainbow trout fishing on the upper Kenai too so there is plenty to keep you busy during that period. And halibut is always your saltwater option for topping off the fish box for the trip home.


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