All Smiles with this one!

REEL Combat Fishing

You'll have to excuse Val's commando attire in this photo. But then again, every day she's out on the water she's prepared to engage in "battle" with those famous Kenai River kings. As one of only four women guides (out of 350+) on the river, she has established her reputation as a gal that can more than hold her own in this "man's world" of fishing. Ask Gary! Or this gal she is holding up this 55 pound prize trophy for!!

The boats they use on the Kenai River are very spacious and comfortable and are ideal for the entire family. For some still unexplained reason, women and kids seem to make the "Kenai Connection" with more frequency than the men do. Perhaps its just the way they hold their pole?? Whatever the reason, Early Fishing Guide Service gets a lot of repeat clients....quite often returning just to try and beat the wife's record!


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