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Welcome to our fishing report - This is now a historical page for the last regular winter season. Since we spent over 200 days on the water each year we had a pretty good handle on what was happening in the fisheries we target.

Early Fishing Oregon Fishing Report.

2022 - What a couple of years this has been traversing all the changes, not only in our fisheries but in the world! We got out of the habit of posting fishing reports because ... there wasn't anything to report. This will be a historical place holder now. We continue to fish on a limited basis and appreciate all our continued guests! We are still around so if you want to see what's happening give us a call or email. Tight Lines and Happy Boating!

March 30, 2020 - What a strange time this is with everything going on in the world. Not only has our steelhead season been one of the weirdest on record due to weather, water, fish but we've also been closed for guiding since the announcement of the pandemic. People would still like to go fishing but without some place to stay (all the lodging in our region is closed to outside visitors) and the governor's order to stay home (with the exception of essential businesses) we are up a creek. If we could institute social distancing protocols for the boat (and launching, etc.) then, technically, we could take people fishing but the protocols just don't work in a drift boat and don't work in many charter boats either. In fact, we'd be hard pressed to make them work in a power boat at this time. So we will shelter in place and tie gear or paint a room or fish a boat wench ... whatever needs to be done can now get done. We hope everyone is safe and shelter in place as well. Be healthy and we'll post when we can get out on the water again. Hugs (virtual, of course) to you all.

March 9 - I owe an apology to the crew in these pictures that I missed last weeks fishing report. These are all from the last of February but I was victim to the Windows Update and couldn't get the computer to work for posting until just a few days ago. I also am missing a few of the guys that had a great weekend with little water - mostly due to their incredible attitude. "Doc" was the big winner (blue Willie Boat hat) landing more than a couple fish! We felt fortunate that almost everyone in the crew caught a fish and Pops landed a fish every day (at 84 years old!). We thought that weekend was low and clear until now! We, literally, don't have water. We have been able to find a few fish but the pickings are very slim. We've been dragging our boats over the top of some of the riffles and that will scare the fish in the hole. One of the pictures I've included here are of the fish in a hole - you can see they are hiding near or in a structure. You can also see how incredibly clear the water is. Taking this picture the fish really got worked up because I was above them and they were freaked out! We don't have a whole lot of rain in the forecast - a little bit coming this next weekend that will help us stay above 300 CFS. We're not sure we'll have much water through the end of the season but we'll keep trying. The Rogue around Medford is starting to show some better numbers of fish but similar water conditions are present there too.

February 24 - We've had a dry few weeks although for part of that time the fishing was decent. There was one day of rain in the midst of beautiful weather and the fishing was very good that afternoon as well as the next day. Surprisingly the fishing got very tough right after that and with the Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery Derby on the 21 & 22nd it was looking like it would be a rough one. We have really enjoyed the 60+ degree days though and the same held true through the derby weekend. The pictures on the top are pre-derby week with the bottom pictures showing how we measure fish now (with a board and a picture) as well as Val, guide Darin Bradbury and their team, Charles Krug Vineyards (Jeff Richardson, Ron Richardson, Jim Davis, Marc Mondavi) taking first in the derby. All the anglers on the team contributed to the wine with Jeff just missing out on the top rod award by a couple inches. The river has continued to drop and since we haven't seen many downrunners as yet we'll see those as soon as the rain hits again. Weather forecast is looking rather dry for the next few weeks but we're hoping the latter part of March brings some showers and fish.

February 11 - We were finally able to fish the Chetco so here are a few fish from the past week. We are waiting for rain again (yes, really) but it was fun for a few days. I accidently posted Marty's picture from January again - but she did get a nice one this weekend too. I'll get it up next week! That was the only repeat - those tiny thumbnails!>

January 20, 2020 - Happy New Year! Yes, it's been quite some time and we are doing just fine. Thanks to everyone who asked. We are still fishing a bit and running the golf course. We have been taking time out from the fishing report because, well, there really wasn't much to report. Salmon season on the Chetco didn't happen and the steelhead fishing is off to an odd start. We did get a few days of fishing in but it's been rather tough weather/water conditions. Plunking along the bank has been a lot more successful than boating. The Rogue, boat plunking, has also been producing a few but then we get hammered by another series of storms. This fall we were asking for rain and that old say, be careful what you wish for, came true. Looks like another big one winding up to hit us again. We're hoping to get a few days in here and there and will try to post during the season if there is something to report. In the meantime, keep your lines tight!

September 9 - Yep, it's been a while since we've posted but there wasn't a lot going on so not much to post about. The season on the Rogue has been slow to fair but recently picked up a bit. There at a LOT of jacks, really a lot, which could bode well for future runs. There are also some nice adults around but the action is spotty for those. While we are well into the fall season for the Rogue it's not over and we could still be getting a shot of fish now that the weather has cooled down. We haven't seen too many silvers as yet and those are due any day now. The Chetco season is currently on hold due to ODFW regulation changes for Chinook. The river (Chetco) is closed until sufficient rain comes and the river is predicted to maintain flow - this means even bobber only is off the board. We are taking bookings for November with the understanding that there may or may not be a season on the Chetco. This doesn't effect the Sixes, Elk or other rivers in the region except the Winchuck. Shoot us an email if you have any questions.

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