Good Memories should last a lifetime! And Alaska is a land providing some of the most memorable experiences left to be discovered by the traveling angler.

Whether its catching that trophy Kenai king salmon (60 pounder at left & right) for hanging on the wall or battling a barndoor-sized halibut from the depths of Cook Inlet, Early Fishing has put nearly three decades of smiles and memories in our clients' photo albums.

For those anglers seeking the thrill of West Coast chinook and steelhead, we have fished the most productive waters Oregon and northern California have to offer since 1978. Many of our clients return each year for more of this exceptional fishing.

We invite you to take a stroll through the pages of our photo album to see what you've been missing!

Good Fishin',

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Topping Off The Fish Box

Early Season Kenai King

Young Lady & Nice Halibut

Bob Johnson Finds Kenai Mother Lode!

Agents 124 & 322 of Homeland Security Had A Secret Weapon

A Stringer of Kasilof River Sockeye

Paige Party Limits Out On Kasilof Kings
Alaska's Chicken of the Sea
Brad With Early Season Kasilof King A Rack Of Jacks!

Indiana Jones & Early Season Kenai King

Megan With A Chrome Bright Kasilof King

Jon Racks Up A Big One In Tidewater

Like Two Peas In A Pod - The Biebers Cash In On A Double

A Kenai King Fresh From Saltwater

Dynamic Duo - Bob & Stan Tap Out With A Double On Kenai Kings

Donna's Big One Under Foot! Take A Peek

Hey YOU !
Little Help Here !

Flyfishing Reds On The Upper Kenai

The CLAMS Are Running All Summer During Minus Tides At Clam Gulch 22 Miles Away

James Seems To Be Thinking About Fresh Salmon Steaks

Get A Grip - Lee Johnson With A Two-fisted Kenai Hog

Leon Nelson's Smile Is Almost As Bright As His King

Morgan Finds Kenai Kings To Be Challenging

Nicole Rule Gives The Guys A Run For Their Money

Hold That Pose - OK Relax!

This One Was Spared The Frying Pan

Southwest Sales Hits A Grand Slam

A Rainy Day Didn't Hurt The Fishing

A Little Rain Didn't Hurt The Silver Fishing For Gene & Joe's Group

A Good Start For Kasilof River Silvers

Limited Out On Kasilof Silvers

Framed By A Limit Of Silvers

When The Reds Are Running It's RED HOT!

Just Another Day At The Office On A RED Hot Day

Rack of Reds! Alaska's Best Eatin'

Donna Nelson Adds A Trophy King To Her Big Halibut Catch Earlier

Don Shows Off Flyrod Prowess On Reds

Don Worstein Is Glad The RACK Is Holding This One For The Pic

Soggy Moose On A Foggy Kasilof River Morning


Scrappy Steelie On A Fine Day

Just A Little Bit Rained Out Today!

Danny Has Something To Smile About With This West Coast Steelie

A Buck For Bob & A Hen For Jolene!

Foggy Morning Mystery

George + Rain = Results

Fall Fishing & Oregon Steelhead

Lee Carrier & Rogue River King

Tag Team Of Tracy & Mike Wrestled These Winter Kings To The Boat

Val Releases A Rogue River King

Deanna & Kathy Team Up To Release Smith Steelie

Like Father Like Son - But Who Got The Big One?

Matt & Arnold
They Don't Get Any Brighter Than This

Theo With The Catch Of The Day For Tonight's Dinner Menu

Steve Amend & Kevein Salyer Limit Out On Metalheads

Richar & Sassi Fisher Have The RIGHT Last Name!

Sassi Makes The Connection For Her Own Prize

Regulars Russ & Terry McBurney Always Get Their Man, uh King!

The Dynamic Duo Jeff & Mark Show How Its Done

Photo Op Time - Kent With A Hatchery Run Fish

Russ McBurney With Braggin' Size King

The Wickhams Make A Good Team For Oregon Steelhead

Mike Mattei & Smith River King





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