Good Memories should last a lifetime! And Alaska is a land providing some of the most memorable experiences left to be discovered by the traveling angler.

Whether its catching that trophy Kenai king salmon (60 pounder at left & right) for hanging on the wall or battling a barndoor-sized halibut from the depths of Cook Inlet, Early Fishing has put over three decades of smiles and memories in our clients' photo albums.

For those anglers seeking the thrill of West Coast chinook and steelhead, we have fished the most productive waters Oregon and northern California have to offer since 1978. Many of our clients return each year for more of this exceptional fishing.

We invite you to take a stroll through the pages of our photo album to see what you've been missing!

Good Fishin',

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Nice Kenai King

Kenai Rainbow

Called a Kenai Hog!

Riverside Wildlife

Kenai Chromer - Ocean Fresh

Kenai Bonus Year
Six Sockeye per person

Two nice Kasilof Kings

Very nice Kasilof King

Rack'em Up
Cook Inlet Halibut limits

Upper Kenai Black Bear

Lady Luck Kasilof King

Kids Catch Fish

More Cook Inlet Halibut

Checking out the fishing

Rainy Day Silver Limits

Driftboat Action on Kasilof

Kenai River Bruiser

Kasilof King

Headed for the Processor

Lil' Lady from Pasadena

Kenai King limits

A Foursome

Late summer Silvers

July Kenai King

Kasilof King

Kasilof Drift Fishing

Kenai Bragging King

A Derby Contender

Kenai Hog

Kenai Resident Rainbow

A Family Affair

Saltwater Sunny Day

Mom & Pop Score Big

Rods At The Ready

Fall Silver Action

August Kenai Silvers

Hefty Kenai King

Good Day Silver Fishing

Kenai Silvers


Father & Son Duo

Cal-Ore Derby contender

Oregon King to Challenge
Alaska's Hogs

Chetco Steelhead

Ladies Day Limits in December

Limits for Two - Chetco

Catering to LARGE Groups too

Chetco Metalhead

Good Fishing - Good Weather

Equal Opportunity Fishers

Early Bird Angler Scores

Following the Action

Chetco Produces

Guide Val with Trophy

Shirt Sleeve Chetco Steelie

Beautiful Day & Fish

Chetco River Steelhead

Worth Smiling for the Cam

Early Morning Chinook

Bundle Up - Fishing's Hot

Picture Perfect Day

Now That Is A King!

Chrome Bright Powerhouse

Fine Day on the Water

Chetco Produces

Guide Gary With Dec. Fish

I Got Mine!

A Little Friendly Competition

Tidewater King In
The Powerboat

Two Chetco Limits

Tidewater Otters

Braggin' Size King

Young Angler - Big King

Klamath River Action

Chinook Limit

Hefty Chetco Steelhead

King Salmon Limits for Two

Good Start Today

Bringing Home the Bacon

Guide Val with Big King





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